10 April 2010

it's a beautiful day

I had such a successful morning out garage/estate sale-ing! Along with the cute little owlies above, I got a small fawn AND a bunch of gorgeous vintage fabric. Now I feel fueled up for a weekend of studying for my tax test. Bring it on "taxation of capital gains" and "depreciation recapture"!

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Erin Jeffries said...

Ooooh, post pictures of the vintage fabric please! And, join the Modern Quilt Guild wouldya! (Please, so I have a cool chick my age to hang out with). We have our first meeting May 8th (you can ride with me and Bethany if you want). Click on the OKC Modern Quilt guild link on my blog: http://missbutterflybs.blogspot.com
And yes, it was a beautiful day. Bethany had her first soccer game of the spring. So funny it was.