08 April 2010

Goodness gracious, did I fall off the face of the earth?

Okay. Clearly I'm not great at this blogging thing. It's been many many many days since I last posted! Geez...

So why the long hiatus? Well. mainly because I graduate in May, so I'm finishing up my last semester here at OU - something that is both exciting and stressful. Also, I've been in somewhat of a crafting funk. Anyone else ever get that way? I have lots of ideas, but I feel like I can't get my brain focused in one direction. And, I realized that I am NOT happy with my fabric stash (which is of a moderately large size)... maybe I've just been staring at the same fabrics for too long, I don't know. 

Anywho. On a more pleasant note, I've been taking an Indie Business class (taught by Elsie Flannigan, Leigh-Ann Keffer, and Jill Munro), and it has been absolutely wonderful! I will admit I was a bit hesitant at first to blindly take a class like this, but I am sooo glad I did. It has been incredibly valuable. I'm really hoping that Charles finds an oh so wonderful job that will financially allow for me to stay home and focus full-time on getting my crafty business going. 
I actually did do some sewing this past weekend... but alas no pictures to show. Note to self: must take more pictures. 

Well. If anyone is still reading this... have a wonderful day!



Jillian said...

soon you will be graduated and it will feel wonderful! And maybe it will put you back into an inspired mood :)

Erin Jeffries said...

Is the class here in Norman? cool.

Claire said...

Hi Erin! No, the class is online.