25 December 2009

merry christmas to all!

I love Christmas, and a white Christmas is even better! (as long as it's not delaying my travel plans) On Sunday we're heading out to Myrtle Beach to visit my hubby's family. Good bye snow and ice, hello sunshine and sand!

20 December 2009

granny squares

Why am I just now learning to crochet?? After a few hours of following along with youtube tutorials, I can do it! I want to make a granny square blanket, because I have always loved them. They aren't perfect yet, so I think I'll make a scarf out of my practice squares. 

19 December 2009

good day

My brother got married today. It was b e a u tiful!
We're headed back home tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a little crochet time in the car on the way back.
Lately I've been knitting/crocheting these headbands using this tutorial:

They're so quick to make and are a great way to use up scrap yarn.

Happy Weekend!

18 December 2009

christmastime is here, happiness and cheer

I've been seeing lots of cute wreaths in blogland lately. So, I had to make one of my own. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I used pages from Emma. I had two copies so I didn't feel so bad about ripping the pages out of one. I crocheted the hanging loop. So pretty, and I think I'll leave it up all year round!

Here are some other pretties I've been eyeing:

Have a great weekend!

15 December 2009


yummy red goodness:

I'm feeling festive. and crafty. Off to make a crochet garland for my tree!

02 December 2009

a bit of a break

My little newbie blog and my crafting activities are moving to the back burner while I muddle through these last few weeks of classes. Once finals are over I'll be right back to crafting/blogging!