19 February 2010


Liberty of London has a collection coming out at Target!
Be still my beating heart. 


18 February 2010

not a good day

Hello folks
I'm writing this post in an effort to truly blog about everything that happens in my life - not just the positive. Last night I had to make a trip to the ER for some weird allergic reaction I had. My eyes were swollen about halfway shut (which has actually happened before, I was advised to take Claritin every day, and if it happened again and my throat started feeling tight to go to the ER). So, I of course took my Claritin yesterday like a good girl. But around 4:30 my eyes started swelling. When my throat started feeling puffy as well, I decided we should go. It's scary, and I hate it. ...Luckily we have some savings (I've been able to work more this semester, as I'm only taking my last two classes), to pay for the ER visit and a forthcoming visit to an allergist (since I have no idea what I'm allergic to). Blech. Not a good day.

But on a happier note, anyone noticed that Teddy Grahams have belly buttons? It makes that much more delicious I say. : )

P.S. Looking forward to some major crafting this weekend. major.

14 February 2010

all you need is love

I must confess, I'm not a big Valentines Day person. But, I will admit this V-day snow was magical!
Enjoy your day with the one you love!


10 February 2010

tax on the brain

I'm doing this:
(studying for a tax accounting exam)

but I would rather be crocheting... or basically anything but studying.

01 February 2010

brown bear, brown bear

I am in love with this hat! I finished it over a week ago, but haven't been able to get a good picture of it. So when we were out walking around downtown yesterday morning I had Charles snap a quick picture of it in front of the pretty red brick. (By the way, I LOVE our downtown.)
I've really been making an effort lately to experiment with things, and not be bound to patterns. So, this hat was definitely an experiment. Next time I will: 1) make a ribbed brim instead of rolled, 2) make the bow bigger, and 3) change up the way I do the decreasing stitches towards the top. But still. I lovelovelove it.