31 January 2010


Lately I've realllllly been wanting a chalkboard wall. But alas, I cannot have one, because we will soon be moving... which I'm sure I've whined about before on here :) (And really I have no right to whine, I mean, we're blessed to have been able to get college degrees, and have the opportunity to look for jobs - whether out of state or not.) So, I've been trying to think of smaller projects I could do instead. Like, maybe little chalkboard plaques that I could write cute messages on. Or maybe an actual chalkboard. (a small one, and with a cute frame of course.)

Someday, soon I hope, I want this:
[source] (She has the cutest flickr)
(Although, it's technically a chalkboard door, not wall. but still)  

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend!


29 January 2010

snow days are the best!

We didn't attempt to get out on the roads today, and I'm not sure if we will tomorrow either. My car is going to take foreverrr to de-ice. I will hate to miss our Saturday morning doughnuts though...

Anywho. I did get one project completed today: a tote bag out of some of my feed sack scraps. I'll post a picture at some point. It turned out pretty cute, although there are few things I will change for my next one. It felt good to use up some of those scraps. They're odd/small sizes, but I definitely didn't want to waste them.  

Happy Weekend!


P.S. I have no idea what this is... but, I'm using it to hold knitting needles. Maybe it's meant to carry wine in? I think it would be big enough to hold the average size bottle. Anyway. I love the peach-colored flower print - so pretty!

wintery weather

We're enjoying a snow day here in Oklahoma. :)

I'm snuggled up with my hubby drinking coffee and listening to the Shins. 
mmm mmm good.


28 January 2010

thrifted owls

I found this owl lantern at a local thrift store. I just love him! He looks even better with a little tea light candle inside.

I found this one when I was thrifting with my Mom over the holidays. We found the best thrift store that benefits the humane society. They had so many cute things, I will definitely be returning! ...anyway, I'm not really sure what this is meant to hold. change or candy maybe?

Have a great weekend!

21 January 2010

C for Charles, C for Claire

We drink a lot of coffee. like, a lot.
Charles spotted these mugs when we were at Anthropologie while on vacation in SC.  Although I love that store, I usually don't buy anything because they are oh so expensive and I am oh so cash-poor. But I couldn't resist. Mine is on the right. I love the bird in the middle. So feminine and pretty!

Hope everyone is having a splendid week!


11 January 2010

home again, home again

Had a wonderful time visiting the in-laws in South Carolina. Especially my sweet sisters-in-law:

As usual our flight home was delayed. Also, our bags were delayed. so yeah. that was quite inconvenient. With each trip, flying becomes an increasingly unpleasant experience. It makes me think seriously about the option of driving out to SC- even though it is a 19 hour drive... eww.

I did come home from our trip with some goodies - both vintage and new. But I haven't taken photos of anything yet, so that will have to wait for another day. I spent most of today unpacking bags, tidying up the apartment, and crocheting granny squares (which are dangerously addicting). On to a new week!


01 January 2010

it's a new year!

Happy New Year!
The arrival of a new year always makes me want to redecorate. Unfortunately, since we're moving this summer (when Charles and I graduate), there's not much point in redecorating. I'm so looking forward to moving and getting settled in to our new home - wherever that may be.

So for now I'll just admire all the pretties in blogland.
These rooms are the decor of Elise Vaughn - found on Design*Sponge.


So vintage and chic. lovelovelove.