19 June 2010

a bit of sewing

New project... a baby quilt. (for no baby in particular) I'm in love with the colors, but not in love with the lighting in my apartment. I really need to start taking pictures outdoors.

Happy weekend!

11 June 2010


Yesterday was my birthday. It was a wonderful day! We went to The Diner (one of my favorite local restaurants) for breakfast. Then, we drove to Fort Worth to have dinner with some dear friends and to see Imogen Heap in concert. Dinner was lovely and the concert was absolutely fantastic.

I got up early this morning to hit up some garage sales. Unfortunately, no treasures were found. Oh well. win some, lose some.

Charles always jokes with me that I did not get the girl gene of being able to take a decent outstretched-arm picture. :) I'm working on it.

08 June 2010

back to real life

We're back from Myrtle. It feels SO good to be home. Especially since I left the apartment so neat and tidy. (Doesn't that make coming home so much better?)
My first order of business (after unpacking, of course) was to give my sewing machine a much needed cleaning. For the rest of the day I will be tackling all the quilting bee blocks that I am ridiculously behind on. Here goes!

Oh, and here's a pic of myself and the hubby after graduation. :)