29 January 2010

snow days are the best!

We didn't attempt to get out on the roads today, and I'm not sure if we will tomorrow either. My car is going to take foreverrr to de-ice. I will hate to miss our Saturday morning doughnuts though...

Anywho. I did get one project completed today: a tote bag out of some of my feed sack scraps. I'll post a picture at some point. It turned out pretty cute, although there are few things I will change for my next one. It felt good to use up some of those scraps. They're odd/small sizes, but I definitely didn't want to waste them.  

Happy Weekend!


P.S. I have no idea what this is... but, I'm using it to hold knitting needles. Maybe it's meant to carry wine in? I think it would be big enough to hold the average size bottle. Anyway. I love the peach-colored flower print - so pretty!

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