31 January 2010


Lately I've realllllly been wanting a chalkboard wall. But alas, I cannot have one, because we will soon be moving... which I'm sure I've whined about before on here :) (And really I have no right to whine, I mean, we're blessed to have been able to get college degrees, and have the opportunity to look for jobs - whether out of state or not.) So, I've been trying to think of smaller projects I could do instead. Like, maybe little chalkboard plaques that I could write cute messages on. Or maybe an actual chalkboard. (a small one, and with a cute frame of course.)

Someday, soon I hope, I want this:
[source] (She has the cutest flickr)
(Although, it's technically a chalkboard door, not wall. but still)  

I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend!



Jillian said...

I painted a book shelf with Chalkboard paint and I loved it :)
it was perfect for storing crafting supplies and writing cute little messages. :)

LINDSAY said...

We're doing this is my daughter's room in the spring, because she loves playing "teacher"...I just saw really large sheets of peel and stick chalkboard panels at Homegoods. like 24x48 for $12! it's removeable too.