05 November 2009


Finally something fabric-y to show! It's just a quilt top, so not technically finished. But what the hey, I'll show it anyway. This is actually a shop sample I made for work. Now that it's finished I can make the fabric kits! The fabric is absolutely gorgeous - it's a line by Patricia Bravo (of Art Gallery Fabrics) called Revive. These pictures don't do the colors justice (the lighting in my apartment is terrible, and I didn't have a chance to take a picture outdoors before I had to take the top back to work). So just trust me when I say it is sooo much prettier in person.

The flower print in the middle is my favorite. I love it, it's so soothing. Lately I've been working with really bright, saturated colors, so working with these fabrics was a nice change. (Kindly ignore the wrinkles. I should have pressed before pictures)

The pattern came from this book. (Great book, by the way!)

Looking forward trying a new coffee shop this weekend, and a little relaxation time with the hubby. That's it for now!

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