25 October 2009

finishing up summer projects

I have a bad habit of starting a project and alllmost finishing it before getting distracted by an idea for a different project. Sewers' attention deficit disorder, I suppose. And every time I walk past the s.o.u.p. (shelf of unfinished projects) they look at me with sad eyes like the money with the big eyeballs on the Geico commercials. So anywho, I've finished up a few, and here they be:

My pots and pans can't wait to rest their shiny bottoms on these lovely things. Now I have to make time to cook...

It wasn't of course until I got done that I noticed I had put the loops on different sides of each potholder - blast! Unfortunately, it will be noticeable when they're hanging because they're slightly rectangular instead of square. Oh well. Better luck next time. I'm sure not ripping them apart to fix one pesky loop. The pattern for these potholders came from this book - which I got with my 40% off coup from Hobby Lobby. (YEAH!) This is the first project I've made out of this book, but there are several more I have my eye on.

These placemats weren't from a pattern, just out of my head. I got this yummy Phillip Jacobs fabric at the 2009 OKC winter quilt show (the 2010 show is coming up soon!). I tried some wavy line quilting, and I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out. It looks like a wonky grid. I'm thinking of making some solid purple napkins to go with... or maybe some pieced napkins like these out of several different purples and a bit of blue.

Also, I got two new pieces of fabric from Hobby Lobby, and I love them. I haven't decided what to do with them (maybe a baby or lap quilt), but for now I'll just fondle and pet them.

Had a fantastic weekend with Charles, although it was spent mostly studying. We did watch a movie though - Away We Go, with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. It's a great movie, and the music is by Alexi Murdoch (♥ x a bajillion).

New How I Met Your Mother tomorrow! wahooo

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