04 May 2010

new project

I must say, I had one splendid weekend. I relaxed, sewed a bit, cleaned house, made/drank lots of coffee (per usual), and spent some quality cuddle time with the hubby. It was wonderful! Plus, the weather has been gorgeous lately. It seems like we rarely have a true spring season here in Oklahoma, but this spring has been lovely. I feel rejuvenated, and ready to take on these last two weeks of school. (YES!)
SO. Here's my new project. I hate to gush, but I am in loooove with this quilt. (Although, it can hardly be considered a quilt, as it is still in block form. But I am sure it will grow up to become a b e a u tiful quilt.) The photo doesn't really do it justice, as the lighting in my apartment is terrible.

This is one of my favorite color combinations for spring. (robin's egg blue & yellow is my other fave). I never used to like yellow, but it has really grown on me. Actually this quilt started because of the yellow solid fabric. I mis-cut some yellow strips for some placemats I'm making (will blog about soon, SO cute), and I didn't want them to go to waste - especially since my stash is nearing depletion of that color yellow.

Anywho. Hope everyone is having a nice week!


kwiltmakr said...

Your yellow quilt is very nice. I like the fabrics. Wow you changed your blog since I have been gone. Very nice. Did you do it or have someone else do it, it looks great.

Jillian said...

pretty :)
I can't wait to start quilting-me and my mom and sisters are planning to start making quilts together soon, my grandma used to quilt all the time :)

ClaireBear said...

kwiltmakr - Thanks for noticing! Yes, I did it myself... but it wasn't too hard - I used Blogger's new template designer.

Jillian - You will love quilting, I just know it!